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April 11, 2008 1:34 PM

Sonics fans take over Gregoire rally

Posted by David Postman

The Seattle Weekly has a video report about what happened yesterday when a bunch of Sonics fans packed a Chris Gregoire campaign rally.

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Posted by Publicbulldog

3:26 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Gregoire is powerless.The D's can only grow blue pages.She will do nothing but play the blame game.
Her job is to fatten union ranks and grow blue pages.Saving the sonics will not add to the blue pages.She will do nothing.

Posted by SonicsandMeBFF

3:29 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Gregoire vowing to save the Sonics in this video is like me laying on my couch and promising I'll start jogging one of these days. It's never going to happen and she knows its a hollow promise.

Vote her out!

Posted by asdf

3:45 PM, Apr 11, 2008

If the Sonics end up leaving - and they haven't left yet, thanks to the City of Seattle's willingness to litigate - the blame will lie at the feet of Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz.

If you've read the recent news, Bennett has been lying to everyone about the owners' intentions, which have been to move the team to OKC from the start. Witness the arrogant, half-hearted proposal for a fully taxpayer funded, vastly overpriced arena... in Renton. It was just cover.

For the people who want to flog Chris Gregoire for this, listen up: Dino Rossi could be governor, and also be the Magic Stadium Fairy, and the team would still be where it is today.

Posted by Turbine

4:07 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Howard Schultz is the ONLY one who can save the Sonics by pressing the material breach of Original Sales agreement with the Bennett Group. The E-mails show he was not intending to negotiate in good faith to keep the Sonics in Seattle. If Schultz can work a shirt pocket deal with Balmer and his group they could probably force Bennett to sell at a discounted price once the district court finds him in breach of contract. The Governor as usual is merely a spectator.

Posted by Aaron Kempf

7:15 PM, Apr 11, 2008

'should have voted for dino rossi' is all I got to say.

Now you got tolls on 2 bridges on Lake Washington.. Boeing loses the refueler bid..

_AND_ the Sonics are leaving?

Next you know-- Microsoft is going to move out of town-- and Starbucks and everyone else will move to Oregon.

Darci Burner won't save you now!!!

Lame Women Politicians.. if they're not hot; they should be back in the kitchen where they belong!


Posted by 2cents

9:24 PM, Apr 12, 2008

What the heck are blue pages?
A Christian directory?
A band out of Boston?
The government pages in the phone book?
Stop trying to be so clever.

It's amazing to me that Rossi will be using the Sonics for his campaign. What will he say? Governor Gregoire refused to raise your taxes?

Posted by Bothsides

8:50 AM, Apr 13, 2008

Yes 2cents, the "blue pages" are the government directory, and PBD makes a good point, state, local and county governments are growing leaps and bounds. The state is the largest non-private employer, taxes, taxes, taxes....where will it ever stop....

Posted by TheTruth

12:41 PM, Apr 13, 2008

Democrats have had years to deal with this issue and done nothing. It is just like the Viaduct. It has been SEVEN YEARS since the nisqually earthquake. Remember the Gas tax increase and how DOT told us all that we must increase the gas tax because the viaduct was in imminent danger of falling down? And after they got the gas tax, did they fix the viaduct? No. The very first thing they did was a bike path in MOSES LAKE!!!

Look around you people. Boeing moved to Chicago. The Sonics are leaving. Tolls on our bridges. Taxes going up up up while our infrastructure decays. If you've had enough, VOTE ROSSI!

Posted by upchuck

10:34 PM, Apr 13, 2008

"Next you know-- Microsoft is going to move out of town-- and Starbucks and everyone else will move to Oregon."

..maybe then folks who actually earn an honest living that's not subsidized by sports taxes, war taxes, and corporate welfare could afford a home again for under $1/2mil.

Posted by Bothsides

8:21 AM, Apr 14, 2008

So Upchuck, exactly what do you do to earn "an honest living" that isn't part of the "corporate machine"? We can't all make hemp stocking caps for REI while we eat our granola bars, or maybe we can and then all live in a commune......

Posted by upchuck

10:02 AM, Apr 14, 2008

it's not like bennet wanted to share profits with seattle, just his expenses

...for an arena that's really nice and was just redone to the sonics org specs 10 years ago!

do the pro bennet subsidizing folks on here also think that qwest field and safeco field are getting old and need to be updated in the next couple years?


'both'sides, no, no i'm not a hemp clothing designer... i've worked for local small businesses for residential construction and non-profits. i'm good at what i do, and recieved fair pay for a qualified professional . and i've always paid the bills, one place i've worked for provided sports opportunities for local and inner city youth. when people were asking for us to pay extra taxes to subsidize the multi-million dolloar biz of pro basketball in seattle, organizations like mine were having park and athletic facilities closed.

now, i say if seattle really wants to 'invest' in the sonics they should get their share of ownership, which would include the right to decide where they play and a share of the profits would go back to the taxpayer/community.

put up $150mil not for arena upgrades but a stake large enough in the sonic org that we can decide to keep playing here and whether or not our seattle center taxpayers (aka 'key') arena really needs another remodel. or if keeping parks and gyms and fields for the kids in our community merely open is more pressing need than how stylish the luxury boxes are at 'the key'. ...if the boxes are a worthwhile investment, and we put up the money, then we better get a return beyond expensive seats!

Posted by Bothsides

11:25 AM, Apr 14, 2008

Don't misunderstand Upchuck, I couldn't agree more. I'm not into subsidizing these guys one bit, and my first thought was "didn't we just rebuild the Key", to which they say, yeah, ten years ago!

I happen to work for a large corp. and I'm pretty sure I'm earning an "honest living", so not sure we should admonish them or toss them out, especially since a lot of large corps. create an existence for small businesses to begin with.

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