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April 9, 2008 9:43 AM

Correcting the record

Posted by David Postman

One of the participants in David Goldstein’s podcast and Nazi jokefest last week says I seriously mischaracterized part of the discussion at last week’s Drinking Liberally. I said the panelists were asked if they agreed with Goldstein’s theory that the Building Industry of Washington’s criticism of mainstream environmentalists’ reaction to the Street of Dreams arson was projection “because the builders had done the arson themselves.”

I listened to the podcast again this morning and Rosenberg has a point. After Goldstein spells out his theory - which he told me later was meant as a parody - that the BIAW set the fires in Snohomish County, he says:

I want to go around the table; yes or no on this one. The BIAW accusing environmentalists of Nazism; projection?

The answers were “yes,” “nein,” “yeah, probably,” “yeah, a little,” and from Goldstein, “It’s projection. They are a bunch of Nazis.”

I stand corrected. The panelists were not asked if they thought the BIAW were arsonists. They were asked if they thought the BIAW were Nazis.

Rosenberg repeats some of what Goldstein said here last week about the inherent parody and satire I missed. But he also thinks there’s a serious point to be made. He writes at EFFin’ Unsound:

This was obviously meant to be funny, but I do think there’s a certain amount of truth to looking at the question in that light. If you’re going to have some basis for determining who the real “Nazis” are in a society, the best way is to see which people are more able to tolerate injustices against other subsets of the population. I have trouble believing that the BIAW would care in the slightest if they were profiting from something that was wholly unjust. Maybe they have examples from their past that would prove me wrong, but from what I’ve seen, I doubt it. It may or may not be projection (which was why I gave kind of a “sort of” answer to Goldy’s question), but the BIAW certainly has an odd persecution complex that quite transparently leads to inclinations to persecute others.

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Posted by Turbine

10:58 AM, Apr 09, 2008

Why would anyone think that Goldstien's opinion on anything was worth quoting ? The cut backs are really starting to manifest themselves in all aspects of the TIMES. Maybe another piece on "Drunken Bloggers for Burner " is in order.

Posted by Postman

3:32 PM, Apr 09, 2008

Yes Turbine, to make up for budget cuts we've all been assigned to write two-part series on Goldstein. Just wait until you see what the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative team has. And even that will be trumped by Nancy Leson's look at the favorite recipes of horsesass contributors. And don't forget to check out the David Goldstein photo gallery.

Posted by Will in Seattle

4:38 PM, Apr 09, 2008

Of course they're not Nazis.

They're just unpatriotic 19 percent deadenders.

Posted by Turbine

6:06 PM, Apr 09, 2008

DAvid Goldstein photo Gallery? ...there goes dinner. I understand Goldy bears a striking resemblance to his blogs namesake, only with less hair.

Posted by Ned

6:39 PM, Apr 09, 2008

This is just painful to read. I can't believe the amount of time that you've taken to chronicle this nonsense. Postman, you are clearly angry and biased against the BIAW. Saying that you're unbiased doesn't make it so. The podcast in questions calls for the DEATH of Tom McCabe and the author of the offending article. I suppose you just dismiss this as more madcap zaniness. it wasn't even important enough for you to mention, apparently. It's not funny.

Posted by NazisKilledMYFamily

1:37 PM, Apr 10, 2008

After his faux outrage about having extended family killed by the Nazi's and all, the creep turns right around and does the exact same thing in his ad hominem attack. Oh, that's right it was "satire".

Well Mr Goldstein, you are not the only person who had extended family exterminated by Nazi's. I am Polish and could sit you down and match tit for tat names of those killed by the Nazi's.

I think both the BIAW and the crazy "whacked-ivists" like Goldstein should shut their yappers. If you think the storm water regulations are oppressive, show some conrete examples and propose some changes, but don;'t go off the deep end with some damn Nazi reference. And Mr Goldstien, I don't believe for a microsecond you lost ANYONE in Auschwitz, Dachaus or any other camp. Either that or you are such a cruel heartless bastard you turn around and make "satire" with Nazi references. Which is it Goldstein?

Posted by WHO?

4:19 PM, Apr 10, 2008

Who is "Rosenberg", doesn't he have a first name? Isn't that the first part of the reporter crede "who, what, where, when"?

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Apr 9, 08 - 09:43 AM
Correcting the record







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