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April 15, 2008 11:36 AM

Burner breaks 500K in '08 fundraising

Posted by David Postman

Democrat Darcy Burner's campaign says that her first quarter reports with the Federal Elections Commission will show she raised more than $500,000 so far this year. The campaign says that will put her first among Congressional challengers in western states and among the top nationwide.

The filings will show that Burner has raised $1.3 million since starting her second run at Congressman Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, and she has $921,615 in the bank. In her first run, Burner raised $334,000 in the first quarter of 2006. Her fast fundraising this time has put her ahead of the inumbent in the money race and has already chased off a Democratic primary opponent.

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Posted by Turbine

3:19 PM, Apr 15, 2008

Gee if money could simply buy the office Darcy might have a chance. This REALLY looks like a press release. So she chased off a Democratic primary opponent? Which one are you talking about ? The Cancer patient or the Recent Republican? The fact is the Dwight has to keep clearing the way for Darcy because she is an exceptionally weak candidate. Tell us Dave, why does Darcy shy away from doing anything remotely close to community service ?

Posted by Daniel K

5:37 PM, Apr 15, 2008

Turbine - You're so quaint.

Posted by Turbine

5:45 PM, Apr 15, 2008

I am also quite correct, and it drives you nuts doesn't it Daniel.

Posted by Daniel K

6:07 PM, Apr 15, 2008

No, you're not correct. She led a women's group of 3000 at Microsoft. She lead her unincorporated Ames Lake community. She's volunteered in her community. And she's considered a leader in the Washington State Democratic party.

While you have your quaint viewpoint, what we're doing here is electing a congresswoman, and I for one will be basing my vote on her leadership in the effort to define a way out of this never-ending occupation of Iraq, and ability to create a coalition thought leaders and several dozen candidates around her plan - more leadership than we've seen from the sitting congressman from the 8th.

Posted by evergreen_representative

9:20 PM, Apr 15, 2008

Right on schedule, the Corporate Mainstream News Media (CMNM) has given us another update on Darcy Burner's money, part of which her campaign coffers get via Beverly Hills and Hollywood-type philanthropists, and which they spend for catering services (at least $500), fancy hotels, high-priced consulting firms, lots of airlines (didn't realize the 8th District was that big), and research (at least $18,000). [Check the Federal Election Commission's Website if it sounds too amazing to you.]

Meanwhile, the CMNM hasn't said a word about the other 8th District challenger to Dave Reichert, namely, the commons campaign of C. Mark Greene, who has gone on a William Jennings Bryan-type stump around the 8th District and got 20% support in a recent street poll (non-scientific). For the "Top 2" primary, a second place finisher may only need around 25% of the vote. The Bryan-style progressive wing of the 8th District, with its word-of-mouth campaign, is steadily making progress.

Meanwhile, next update on Burner's money .... just wait a week or two, the CMNM will be sure to count every cent.

Posted by Sonic Boom

10:35 PM, Apr 15, 2008

I just can't wait to start getting those official taxpayer financed Congressman Reichert Official updates of his accomplishments. Seems I only get them at election time though. Guess he does not need to raise funds when he already has me/us to pay for his election time advertisements.

Posted by Daniel K

12:20 AM, Apr 16, 2008

And right on cue, Mark Greene and his Party of One, makes an appearance in a thread to get a wee bit of attention before the upcoming Top Two Primary system commits his candidacy to oblivion.

Interestingly enough I can't find any FEC reports for his campaign. Is he exempt from having to make reports to the FEC?

Posted by Daniel K

12:23 AM, Apr 16, 2008

Oh, and Mark, let me guess you asked 5 people who they'd vote for and your Mom said she vote for you.

Unfortunately, the other four people in your family thought better.

Posted by Bothsides

5:49 AM, Apr 16, 2008

"She led a women's group of 3000 at Microsoft. She lead her unincorporated Ames Lake community. She's volunteered in her community."

You're kidding right...........I led my cub scouts group too.

Posted by Daniel K

7:40 AM, Apr 16, 2008

Bothsides - Good for you.

Posted by Turbine

8:40 AM, Apr 16, 2008

The Problem with Daniels comments is that he cannot or will not back them up. Darcy has been unemployed for 6 years. Darcy led one homeowners association meeting that has ended up in litigation and loss of use of a community waterfront property. If Darcy is volunteering in her community Daniel, please Identify the group and how long she has been doing it, because I think you are making it up. If Darcy is considered a leader in the Democratic Party of Washington, having never held elected or even appointed office, that speaks to the shallowness of the Democratic leadship pool doesn't it?

Posted by Goldy

9:10 AM, Apr 16, 2008

Hey Turbine, I'll offer you the same challenge I offer in my own comment threads over on HA, to which I never get a response. Defend Reichert. Explain to me what he did to qualify him to be legislator, and what legislative accomplishments he has to show for his three plus years in office. Tell us why he's a good congressman.

Mark Greene complains about the "CMNM", but explain to me why it's okay for Dino Rossi's campaign to be about the incumbent, but the 8th CD race should be about the challenger?

Go on folks, continue to belittle Darcy if you want, but she's one of the smartest, funniest, and most personable candidates I've ever met. (And I've met a lot.) But apart from her natural talents, her management experience at Microsoft is all the experience she needs to prepare her for Congress, as demonstrated by the amazing success she's had in developing and promoting the Responsible Plan.

Meanwhile, if Ron Sims hadn't made the mistake of plucking Reichert from obscurity and appointing him sheriff, he'd still be some anonymous beat cop, and somebody else would have gotten the credit for catching Ridgway.

Posted by Turbine

9:40 AM, Apr 16, 2008

Offer all you want Goldy, Darcy will not win in the 8th because of support form people like you. Sure it's guilt by association, but when you have no record of doing anything in public service like Darcy, you have to go with what is available. I will send everyone who has questions about Darcy out here in the 8th to your website, to see what kind of people support Darcy. After a couple of threads I have no doubt they will have the correct impression of what Darcy is all about.

Posted by Bothsides

11:35 AM, Apr 16, 2008

If her "management" experience at Microsoft (I'm sure there are only a few of those) is all that's needed, then why did she try to pass herself off as an "executive" in the last election...answer, becasue she doesn't have anything to offer except things like being a leader of her HOA.

I'm sure the people of the 8th will see right through her again.

Posted by Daniel K

7:25 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Turbine and Bothsides - You guys are right. Reichert has this race in the bag. Nothing for him or his supporters or the Republican Party to worry about or get worked up about.

Posted by Turbine

7:04 AM, Apr 17, 2008

Judging from the lack of buzz about Darcy in the field I woudl say Daniel is right. Since you haven't come up wih any of the promised public service references I will assume I was right as well.

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