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April 16, 2008 9:12 AM

Burner beats Reichert in '08 fundraising

Posted by David Postman

Even with help from First Lady Laura Bush, Congressman Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, trailed Democratic challenger Darcy Burner in first quarter fundraising for their 8th District race.

Reichert’s reports filed yesterday with the Federal Elections Commission show he raised $331,034 in the first three months of 2008. Burner raised more than $500,000.

Burner also has more money in the bank. She reported has $921,615 cash on hand, while Reichert has $698,035.

You can see Reichert's report here.

I originally posted an incorrect total for Reichert this morning. I had missed a transfer to Reichert's account of about $90,000, most of which came from the Laura Bush fundraiser.

Reichert's fundraising performance is troublesome, says Eric Earling. And it's cause for celebration at

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Posted by Turbine

9:33 AM, Apr 16, 2008

Should we count this as three Burner campaign releases? Did you note the $2,000 plus in contributions she has recieved from Eric " I never met an Impeachment I didn't like" Oemig. I hear she is co-hosting a UFO watching party with Kucinnich
later this month.

Posted by Daniel K

1:26 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Turbine said, "I hear she is co-hosting a UFO watching party with Kucinnich later this month".

Which goes to the credibility of everything else Turbine says.

And is this a "press release" for the Burner campaign in your mind because she pounded Reichert in fundraising - again? Or would it not have been a "press release" for the Burner campaign, in your mind Turbine, if Reichert's numbers were bigger than Burner's?

Face it. When reporting on this race, there has been little to no news that has been favorable for Reichert, but don't blame the reporters, they're just reporting the news.

Posted by Turbine

5:37 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Hey Daniel I am still waiting for all of the Community Service references about Darcy that you keep spouting. Speaking of Credibility, did you ever get to the bottom of the Burner Claim that 565,000 phone calls were made on election eve to every houshold in the district claiming Darcy was about to be arrested? How about the whopper you keep repeating about Darcy's leadership of the Ames Lake homeowners? Does one meeting make her qualified for Congress, especially since it has ended up in court? Is it true that Darcy has recieved 73% of her money last quarter from out of District?

Posted by evergreen_representative

8:40 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Unlike "Ex-Executive Professional Candidates," some folks have to work in the real world; nevertheless, I found an opportunity to read Mr. Postman's blog today, and wouldn't you know it, the Corporate Mainstream News Media (CMNM) couldn't even take a few days pause before they had another post about Darcy Burner.

I see that Burner's sycophants are on the job, too, and the Party of Commons will be interested to know, through the Federal Election Commission Website, if any of them are on the Burner Campaign Payroll. I doubt it, though; leaflet handlers, bloggers, and thread-watchers will likely have to settle for volunteer service. After all, the Burner Campaign higher echelon, such as consultants, apparently, don't come cheap.

Meanwhile, anybody who would like to guess which of the Seattle/Tacoma CMNM reporters (from the Times/Post-Intelligencer/News Tribune) will be the first to mention C. Mark Greene's 8th District congressional candidacy, you might be eligible to be a guest of honor at the Party of Commons Convention on May 6. The P.O.C. will have plenty to say about the success of our word-of-mouth campaign that our affiliate committee used so well in 2004, when Mark almost won a major-party congressional nomination, here, in Washington.

Just so nobody gets the impression that the P.O.C. is giving a pass to Dave Reichert, we'll be checking the F.E.C. Website regarding his money just as diligently as we check Burner's campaign money, especially for the possible "Greene versus Reichert" General Election contest.

Posted by evergreen_representative

8:39 PM, Apr 17, 2008

P.S. (to earlier evergreen_representative post)

Too late -- for guessing which of the mainstream media will be the first to mention the congressional candidacy of C. Mark Greene in the 8th District. The Tacoma News Tribune, to their credit, issued a report on their "Political Buzz" blog, on April 17.

This is important, because the 8th District also extends down to Pierce County, where the Tacoma News Tribune is based, and Mark will be campaigning in both King and Pierce counties.

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