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February 9, 2008 4:10 PM

It's early, but Obama looking strong

Posted by David Postman

Democrats are e-mailing me results from their caucuses. Every one I've seen so far shows Obama winning easily. It's only a small number and only from a few places so far. That includes precincts in Seattle, all points in Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Port Townsend. I'll be particularly interested in seeing Pierce County results where Clinton is expected to do better.

The 34th District Democrats went big for Obama. That's Mayor Greg Nickels' district, and he made an appearance.

Put Lower Queen Anne and Belltown in Obama's column, too.

Here's one Tacoma report, from a precinct in the 27th District. Matt Kite writes:

Our precinct went for Obama, 11-6 (in delegates). The caucus next to us (a smaller group, with fewer delegates at stake) also went for Obama, although it sounded closer.

Judy West writes from Carnation:

We caucused with the downtown Carnation group. (Precinct 45-0290) 25 folks signed in; final tally 23 obama, 2 clinton. 5 delegates to the district convention for Obama; none for Clinton.

My husband and I have caucused previously..once we held a teeny caucus in our living room with about 6 people (1984, I think).

This was an amazing day. The Carnation Elem gym was full to overflowing and most precincts had more attendees than ours.

From Olympia:

I know that results are poring in; here is what I saw in olympia. At my caucus site we had probably 400 people and between what I saw in my precinct and what I heard I would suggest that Obama was pulling in 8-9 out of every ten. Clinton supporters were few and far between. Mark Bowden

From Orcas Island, Russell Lee Post writes:

On an island twice the size of Manhattan with a population of around 4,500, the caucus has ended. Hundreds crowded the school buildings and broke into separate groups. In precinct 4, a pattern that was followed in the other 3, Obama received 7 delegates, Clinton 1 and Kucinich 1. The actual votes were Obama 124 and Clinton 24.

From San Juan:

I just got back from attending the caucus here and Obama has it by at least 70% of the votes of all the precincts. Drake Diteman

A stronger showing for Clinton in Mount Vernon:

I'm in Mount Vernon, our group was almost evenly split between clinton and obama (11/13/2undecided). We ended up with 2 delegates each for clinton and obama.


We had 4 delegates for Obama, 2 for Clinton. There was some back and forth discussion, but no one persuaded anyone to change sides. Even the one undecided person, was very dead set on being undecided. In fact the only thing that was roundly agreed to by the majority was the suggestion to send a resolution up the ladder to the next caucus recommending that we replace the caucus with a primary.

Also interestingly, we had a Republican, or at least someone who usually voted Republican, show up. He said he wanted to be a delegate for Obama, because he wanted to keep Hillary out of the White House. He even said that he’d vote for McCain if Hillary was nominated, although he didn’t say who he’d vote for if Obama was. He was very open about his motives, and stepped aside when someone said she was uncomfortable with that situation. Still, I think it speaks to just how much the Republicans despise Hillary.

~Ryan in Lynnwood

Jeffrey Wagner writes from Woodinville:

The Sammamish Grange Hall was over capacity, packed. I would guess out of the 9 precincts represented there, 75% of the people were supporting Obama, to 25% for Clinton. My precinct (WOD 45-0926) which included 24 people total voted 4 delegates for Obama, to 1 for Clinton.

From Eastern Washington, Jerry Hand in Walla Walla says:

We just got back from the Democratic Party caucus. Oboma running about four to one over Hillary. Walla Walla turn out was more than double any previous caucus.

In Yakima, it's Obama:

Turnout was huge. In 2004, we had 24 precincts meeting at our location location. Today we had six and the the room was packed. Many more people than in 2004.

Clinton had no organization and only one sign. It was home-made. Obama stuff was everywhere, and they were organized down to the precinct level.

Results for my precinct: 41 for Obama, 19 for Clinton. The other precincts had similar numbers.

From Vancouver, reporter Hal Bernton says:

At the Martin Luther King Elementary in Vancouver, there weren't enough chairs to seat the hundreds of Democrats who turned out from six different precincts. Caucus organizers said it was a record turnout, with one precinct that drew 19 people in 2004 reporting 48 people on Saturday.

At this caucus site, Obama emerged victorious, gaining roughly three delegates for every one picked up by Clinton.

A Seattle reader sends this:

Our precinct in Wallingford was 7 Obama and 1 Clinton.

We checked with six other precincts in the building (Hamilton Middle School) and it ran about 80% for Obama and 20% for Clinton. Most of them were 5 or 6 Obama for 1 Clinton.

Drove over and checked at Bagley Elementary near Green Lake with the same numbers. In each precinct about 5 for Obama for 1 to Clinton.

Listening to the debates the key issue was elect ability. Many people were repeating talking points from the Republican party against Hillary.

Pat O'Hearn writes:

Here in Anacortes we had a very good turnout at our caucus location (Anacortes Sr. Center) Our precinct went 43-18 for Obama. The other precincts were mostly that lopsided as well.

A strong showing for Clinton from a Kirkland precinct, according to Bill Hays:

Our precinct, Sharon in the Kingsgate area of Kirkland, went for Clinton. The final tally was 16 votes for Clinton, 10 for Obama and two undecided. And no one would waver, even the undecideds. I had to wonder what would move someone to attend a caucus and be undecided, even at the end. Anyway, our precinct now sends two delegates for Clinton and one for Obama up to the next level.

A preponderance of the those caucusing in our precinct were women of a certain age, underlining that here, as elsewhere, this group is Hillary's core constituency. I happen to be a supporter of Obama and lobbyed hard for my candidate, but everyone was pretty entrenched and it wasn't worth an argument.

Elsewhere in the Juanita High cafeteria, where I think there were 12 precincts caucusing, I know there were majority Obama supporters, but I couldn't tell how many this was true for -- the room echoed and it was difficult to hear the people in our own precinct, much less get how others were going


Matt Fisher says from Bellingham:

Precint 208 in Bellingham: had about 128 people present. 13 delegates for Obama, 3 for Clinton.
Maggie Fimia sent out some unofficial totals from Shoreline. From eight precincts Obama 265, Clinton, 111, undecided 13, other 1.

From Eastern Washington, Rebecca Schoen writes:

If you're interested in little Millwood, which is very close to Spokane, My precinct went 4 delegates for Obama and 0 for Clinton.

And from Spokane County, just outside the Spokane city limits, - 2 Obama, 1 Clinton.

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