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November 21, 2006

It's raining poetry

Comments: 63

This month our fair city's had more
Of the rain we are so famous for
A limerick or haiku
From a reader like you
Might make all this wet less a bore

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Selected comments

Rain, thunder, lightning, hail.
They all conspire to make me fail.
I have to get the mail.

Posted by Les Brooks at 01:43 AM, Nov 22, 2006

There once was a young man from Seattle,
Who spent many a day in the saddle.
It rained and poured so he took a nap and snored,
Until it was time for him to get up and skedaddle.

Posted by Les Brooks at 01:52 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Wading through flood waters

Amongst pumpkins, garbage cans

When will the rain stop?

Posted by Matt Caldwell at 02:10 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Rain Haiku

Rain leaves scarlet leaf
Streams of liquid bathe the earth
Latte needs GorTex

Posted by Kris Jones at 06:54 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Five Haiku (what a wonderful idea!

Water drums the roof
Runs in rivers down windows
Trying to get in

Dog in red raincoat
Four feet splashing in puddles
Rain is fine with family

Rain on her pink tongue
Is every raindrop unique?
Mommy, will it snow?

It's raining again
Wants to melt me like a witch
I must stay happy

Rain falls in a yard lake
Bent grass a tiny forest
Wind sings through the blades

Thanks. I look forward to reading the ones you choose to print, mine or not. Poetry in the morning is a treat.

Posted by Brenda Cooper at 06:57 AM, Nov 22, 2006

WE once spent a month on the Sound, Where rain washed down and down, 'Til the streets flo'd like creeks, and those rich techno geeks, All bought wi-fi canoes to get 'round.

Posted by Barbara Johnston at 07:03 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Raindrops streak the pane
Much as tears for a
Long lost love.

Posted by B. P. McSherry at 07:08 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Rain, rain, go away
But if you don't
I'll still stay.

Posted by Mark Walsen at 07:16 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Enjoying the "rainy" headlines!

heres our thought...

now 14 years we've stayed afloat...
this Christmas should we buy a boat?
our relatives won't visit now...
they say the cold and rain...No How!
We love the trees, the people too...but what would you advise to do?

Posted by Kim Cashon at 07:34 AM, Nov 22, 2006

It seems the Snoqualamie River,
Has left land that's the size of a sliver
Closing the road to our home,
making sure we no longer can roam

Posted by Sue Struthers at 07:36 AM, Nov 22, 2006

My boy has left our California Surf...To make his mark upon Seattle's turf...Of course his Father's pain...Competes not with his gain...But at least he has to fight that doggone rain!

Posted by Gary Weldele at 07:36 AM, Nov 22, 2006

As I lay my hat
Upon my head I find that
It can't stop the rain

Posted by Kiley Lyons at 07:48 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Wading through puddles
I lose my feet my legs and
worse of all, my mind

Posted by Kiley Lyons at 07:53 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Buckets outside
Perfect morning to gather
pieces of November

Posted by Roberto L. Savino at 08:02 AM, Nov 22, 2006

A rumble from clouds
The rain patters my window
A flash brightens the sky above

Posted by Jennifer Walker-Lanphear at 08:05 AM, Nov 22, 2006

I am so darn sick of the rain

My wife thinks I'm about to go insane

But if I dream of blue sky

And great pumpkin pie

Maybe tomorrow won't be such a pain

Posted by Mike lJankovich at 08:14 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Rain. Enough already.

Posted by Dave at 08:16 AM, Nov 22, 2006

One of each:

Rain drenched branches rise
Through noontime misty darkness
Elsewhere reigns the sun

There once was a girl in Seattle
Who wished the rain clouds would skedaddle
The sun was a gift
That could give things a lift
If not then please give her a paddle

Posted by Carey Christensen at 08:37 AM, Nov 22, 2006

November winds doing battle,
Our windows and doors do rattle,
While all bundled inside,
We'll strive to survive,
The grey rainy skies of Seattle.

Posted by Michael Thomas at 08:43 AM, Nov 22, 2006

The blue sky betrayed her
Pouring rain like meaningless words from a unfaithful lover
Left her soaking

Posted by Megan Wyatt at 08:54 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Soggy leaf pulp squish.
On pavement. On the Ground.
Stuck to my shoes.

Posted by Jane S. at 08:59 AM, Nov 22, 2006

eyes on the ceiling
praying that the old roof holds
through one more deluge

Posted by John Hollensen at 09:04 AM, Nov 22, 2006

There was a city on the sound
Where rain did wrap her 'round and 'round
We swam on through determined and bound
Not to let folks find us all drowned

Posted by Gail Crouch at 09:21 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Monotonous rain.
Falling upon my bald head.
Splash splat slap ping drip.

Posted by Barry H at 09:26 AM, Nov 22, 2006

As the earth heats up,
Weather storms do more damage.
Why drive SUVs?

Posted by Kent England at 09:26 AM, Nov 22, 2006

From ocean to cloud

Gathering force,
drops conspire

Melting mud and minds

Posted by kathy craig at 09:30 AM, Nov 22, 2006

As the earth heats up,
Weather storms do more damage.
Why drive SUVs?

Posted by Kent England at 09:30 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Rain always falling
Flooded houses everywhere
Good I'm on a hill

Posted by David Pfeifle at 09:36 AM, Nov 22, 2006

From Biloxi to Seattle we came
Even though we knew of the rain
But after Katrina came thru
We knew what to do
T'was umbrellas that kept us all sane

Posted by Brian Gilman at 10:34 AM, Nov 22, 2006

It's Raining Today

Today it's raining,
It is raining cats and dogs,
It's cozy inside!

Posted by Anika 5th grade Cottage Lake at 10:49 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Here is a limerick offering:

I deliver the mail in Seattle,
where lately it's been quite a battle
to give folks dry mail--
Oh! It's starting to hail!
If I say a bad word please don't tattle!

Posted by Patti George at 10:52 AM, Nov 22, 2006


The hail is pelting,
I can not feel my fingers,
And I can't get home.

Posted by Eric.5th grade Cottage Lake at 10:56 AM, Nov 22, 2006

unattended yard sale
on a day of pounding rain
prices coming down.

Posted by Craig Matsu-Pisot at 10:59 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Sewers are flooding.
The rain is coming down hard.
Humungus puddles.

Posted by Zach, 5th grade. Cottage Lake at 10:59 AM, Nov 22, 2006

Webbed toes sloshing through
Seattle's trudging weather
It's not just the rain
It's mainly the overcast
Scratch that, it's the rain
Mossbacks claim this truth:
Rain is merely nature's bling
What a load of crap!
Endless dripping rain
Prozac sells in Seattle
Drip splat drip splat thwop
Our weather pundits
Forecast rain for the Northwest
(How hard can that be?)

Posted by Matthew Shelhamer at 11:50 AM, Nov 22, 2006

In torrents or sheets or a drop or two
liquid drudgery falls upon me and on you
"It's only November!", we sigh and we whine
with fond reminiscing of sunnier times
prompting the sages to pipe in on cue
"But this too shall pass!"
Yeah...but not until June

Posted by Henry Mark at 12:25 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Soggy masses slosh
Half-drowned yet no umbrellas
True Seattleites

Posted by Michelle Buetow at 12:42 PM, Nov 22, 2006

I moved up here from LA
And every day I pray
That the sun will come out
I'll sing and shout
"Seattle's not ALWAYS so gray!"

Posted by Angie Doyle at 01:13 PM, Nov 22, 2006

So many umbrellas
Fold inside out with the wind
I'm loving my hood.

Posted by Kate Bracy Kalb at 01:14 PM, Nov 22, 2006

My shoes are sopping
My hands are clutching my coat
I want hot chocolate

Posted by Kate Bracy Kalb at 01:17 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Seattle-ites love rainy lore
Breaking those records of yore,
I smile at it all
'Cause I'm from St. Paul
And remember the snowblower's roar.

Posted by Kate Bracy Kalb at 01:45 PM, Nov 22, 2006

out for a walk
on a rainy day
banana slug

rain through the
long afternoon
I wait for your call

Posted by Angela Terry at 04:08 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Twelve vehicle crash
northbound I-5 caused by
slick roads and a rainbow.

Posted by Paul Nelson at 04:33 PM, Nov 22, 2006

tracks of a field mouse
inside on the cement floor -
proof that winter's near

Posted by Mike McMann at 04:50 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Tanka (evoking a moment or marking an occasion with concision and musicality)

I hear chopping now
counterpoint to falling rain
marking a rhythm
typical this time of year -
food and water, our November

Posted by Mike McMann at 05:03 PM, Nov 22, 2006

No Further Company

A girl from Seattle did boast,
about this part of the coast,
but when relatives came
it did nothing but rain
and never again did she host.

Posted by Judy Bagley at 05:05 PM, Nov 22, 2006

When the sun finally comes out in May,
I give it two weeks 'fore they say:
"Without a doubt,
We're facing a drought!
Stop watering your garden today!"

Posted by Eric Cohen at 05:46 PM, Nov 22, 2006

burned by a sunbreak
damn! I left the umbrella
in the car again

Posted by John Hollensen at 06:03 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Standing at the bank
Of Lake Sammamish, I say
Where did my dock go?
Sun's Overrated
Just blinds 520 drivers
Same as the rain storms
An acre-foot is
A lot of water. Look! Look!
It's in my basement!
The Space Needle has
Changed it's Observation Deck
Into a fishing dock
See the pretty fish
Swimming gleefully in schools
Like Snohomish Schools

Posted by Dave Edson at 09:17 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Unending deluge-
You overwhelm my patience,
Flood my eyes with tears.

Posted by Kathy Williams at 09:53 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Pale bare legs flashing,
Flecked with brown mud splashings.
Fall biking's toll.

Posted by Stacy Birk-Risheim at 09:58 PM, Nov 22, 2006

Seattle Sonics
Oklahoma City Bound
The Sky is Crying

Posted by Stewart Lyman at 07:48 AM, Nov 23, 2006

Home sits on flood plain
Waiting to be washed away
Why did I build here?

Posted by Stewart Lyman at 07:51 AM, Nov 23, 2006

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Stilliguamish not so still.

There goes my trailer.

Posted by William Forrester at 08:46 AM, Nov 23, 2006

"It's raining again", Ellen said.
"I think I will stay in my bed.
My whole yard is a lake.
Wait! Is that a sunbreak?
I think I'll go outside instead."

Posted by Susanne Bardelson at 10:59 AM, Nov 23, 2006

Said explorer Lewis to Clark,
Wow, it rains here and really gets dark,
This inclement weather is ruining my leathers,
Let's go back to where we embarked.


Life in Seattle is hard,
The weather has such disregard,
For in this vicinity
We're snowy and win-i-dy,
We measure our rain by the yard.


There once was man who liked rain,
Arrived in Seattle by train,
The wind really shook him,
The water then took him,
And washed all his stuff down the drain.

Posted by L. Huntley at 09:13 AM, Nov 24, 2006

Whether the Weather is Wetter

Whether the weather is windy and wetter,
Or whether the weather's just wet,
We weather the weather and wistfully wonder
Whither the weather will get.

We waddle in wellies and wander wherever,
Waiting for winter to wane.
We wish it would wither, we whisper and whimper,
While wallowing waist-high in rain.

Posted by Harry Stern at 09:19 AM, Nov 24, 2006

Rivulets running
off my umbrella, soaking
my pants knee to toe.


"Two-thousand six was
a watershed year," they'll say.
One water-logged time.


November was the
cruellest month. Seattle-
ites slogged on bravely.


Drizzle, drop, splat, sploosh,
then it starts again: pitter,
patter, pour and plop.

Posted by Julian Edelman at 08:16 PM, Nov 24, 2006

Car wipers panic
Geysers shoot high from car tires
The rivers grow mean

Posted by Kit Harris at 08:34 PM, Nov 24, 2006

wind whipping branches.
rain raging without respite.
we huddle inside.

Posted by margaret lemberg at 10:47 PM, Nov 24, 2006

The plentiful rain in this city
Makes others regard us with pity.
I tell them out loud,
"I'm wet and I'm proud!"
But I'm lying--this weather is sh---y!

Posted by Marianne Moon at 08:38 AM, Nov 25, 2006

If it wasn't for the rain,
Offering up a refrain,
We'd all stand around,
On the barren hard ground,
Waiting for moisture to cover it again.

Posted by Mark Matson at 09:40 AM, Nov 25, 2006

Sullen skies toss rain,
Pounding earth, flooding valleys.
Noah, prepare your ark!

Posted by Gretchen Novasio at 08:30 PM, Nov 25, 2006