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October 07, 2006

In with the new

Comments: 3

What do you think of the changes Microsoft has made to its employee evaluation and compensation systems?

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Selected comments

Forced ranking is a very bad idea for many reason. So getting rid of that is good. But it seems like Microsoft is really just doing wrong thing (performance appraisal) righer. I know if can be difficult to imagine life without performance appraisal but really who actually believes in them. Some people do I am sure (I used to) but really they are the wrong way to manage performance.

In my blog post: Righter Performance Appraisal I expand on this idea.

Posted by John Hunter at 08:57 AM, Oct 09, 2006

Words are nice, but nothing seems to take effect.
my manager tells me we got a quota of 3 exceeded this year and this is why they had hard time giving people good review...well this just tells me there is a curve, just with a different name!

Posted by Sanjeev at 12:02 PM, Oct 09, 2006

Right! lets not call it a curve just rename it and everyone will be happy.
There is a curve, we are as managers forced to give X amount of exceeded and could nove give the right review to people!

Posted by Jason Bason at 12:04 PM, Oct 09, 2006