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July 29, 2008 9:04 AM

Microsoft releases Vista-loving "Mojave Experiment" video

Posted by Brier Dudley

The "Mojave Experiment" raised eyebrows last week, when it was first disclosed by Ina Fried at Cnet and then outlined during Microsoft's fiancial analyst meeting.

Microsoft basically did a blind taste test, like the old Pepsi-Coke ads, with a bunch of Vista haters and skeptics in San Francisco and recorded the results. They were shown software that was described as Microsoft's next operating system, but actually it was Vista, and they mostly loved it.

The videos are finally public today at, a nifty Web site where you can zoom around and choose different clips.

More details of the experiment were also posted at the Vista team blog (at 1:09 a.m.?). Excerpts:

"We did not use some geeked out or custom built PC. We used an HP Pavilion DV2500. It had 2GB of RAM and was running an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz. The OS was a 32 bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate."

"Of the 120 respondents polled, on a scale of 1:10 where 10 was the highest rating, the average pre-rating for Windows Vista was 4.4. After they saw the demo, respondents rated Mojave an average of 8.5."

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Posted by Anonymous

11:59 AM, Jul 29, 2008

I love how Microsoft is using ADOBE FLASH to create the website versus SILVERLIGHT.

Posted by Anonymous

12:04 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Where are all of the other participants?

They claim to have interviewed 120 participants. There are 55 videos of individuals available (which are not all unique because there is overlap of the same people ). Does that mean 65+ said Vista sucked?

Posted by NothingNewHere

6:44 PM, Jul 31, 2008

As always Microsoft thinks people are idiots. If there was any truth in this they would have hired a reputable independant research firm and published 100% of the results, not just a heavily edited marketing video.

All it's missing is the fine print that the drug companies are legally required to show you ... "may cause bleeding from the eyes and mouth", "you should talk to your doctor to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks".

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