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Between the Lines

October 10, 2003

Bring back the draft?

Some Democrats, led by U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel of New York and U.S. Sen. Fritz Hollings of South Carolina, plan to turn up the heat on President Bush by proposing a return to conscription. They claim the draft should be reinstituted because of the length of troop deployments in Iraq and the heavy reliance on reserves and National Guard units.

Nattering nabobs

Something about Ahmed Chalabi, our puppet-in-chief in Iraq, was bothering me. He reminded me of someone. As I was watching PBS’ excellent Frontline documentary, “Truth, War and Consequences,” last night, I figured it out – Spiro Agnew! Chalabi is either channeling our disgraced former vice president or they were separated at birth.

They don’t exactly look alike, though there is a superficial resemblance between this guy and this one.

No, it’s their personalities. Fatuous. Arrogant. Delusions of grandeur. And they’re both proven crooks. Agnew pleaded no contest to tax evasion on his way out the door. Chalabi was convicted in Jordan in absentia of bank fraud (charges that Chalabi, of course, denies), and some Jordanian members of parliament want him extradited to face the music. Who do they think they're dealing with here? An ordinary criminal?

The big difference is that Agnew had better speech writers. If you’re too young to remember his most famous pronouncement, here’s a link.

Nobel to mullahs: veil this

"Our male-dominated society is ill. They don't respect the mothers who gave them life."

-- Shirin Ebadi, 56, Iranian advocate for the rights of women and children and winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize

Ebadi is only the 11th woman to win the prize since it was instituted in 1901. This year’s award is $1.3 million.

Oxblog has a roundup of links to stories about Ebadi.

‘Fair and balanced’ Fox immitates Saddam

No doubt you remember Baghdad Bob, Saddam Hussein’s former mouthpiece who insisted his boss was winning the war as U.S. tanks rolled into Baghdad. Bob made great theater.

Now Fox News has hired Bob’s right-hand man. No, I’m not making this up. I couldn’t.

Read the whole thing (the Fox news is toward the end). It takes a somewhat dimmer view of the situation in Iraq than that voiced by President Bush.

Then read this one, which finds that some things are, in fact, going pretty well.

Yeah, we could do that

Or we could just sell this clown to the circus.

Posted by tbrown at 01:56 PM

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Bring back the draft?


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