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September 27, 2008 12:36 PM

Who Won?

Posted by Eric Devericks

So, who do you think won the debate? This won't be a popular sentiment around here, but it looked to me that McCain won the debate. He was on the offensive, he had a command of the issues and he clearly had a strategy of painting Obama as less experienced and naive. What was Obama's strategy in this debate? I didn't see one. There were many areas that I thought he had opening to press McCain more and put him on the defensive but just didn't do it. My guess is that many of you, especially Obama supporters here in Seattle that would have like to see Obama be more aggressive. I'm wondering if you are disappointed or you liked what you saw?

This morning I've been search around the internet to see if there is a consensus about a winner of this debate, but I don't see one. I haven't read or seen a single serious columnist or commentator who claims that Obama won. Considering the cheer leading that the media has been doing for Obama, that tells me they weren't impressed.

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