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Confessions of an "Idol" addict

It's corny, it's predictable, it's often ear-piercing, but many of us can't get enough of it. Yup, it's "American Idol." Season 8 of America's most-watched TV show is under way. Check this space for news, video clips and take-no-prisoners critiques. And your commentary is vital too!

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February 18, 2009 9:59 PM

Three advance to "American Idol" Top 12 - What, no Noop Dog?

Posted by Bob Payne

Don't fret, Noop Dog fans. Your boy will be back for the Wildcard Round of "American Idol," where he will be given another chance to crack the Top 12.

In Wednesday night's results show, Anoop Desai (right) came this close to earning an automatic spot in the Top 12, winning just 20,000 fewer votes than everybody's favorite roughneck Michael Sarver. The big guy was joined by Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey on the lucky silver stools that signify those who America picked to advance.

But let's rewind to the start of the evening ... (remember that results shows are always better watched via DVR because of all the useless filler).

First up was a very listless group performance of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." If there was ever a song that should only be performed solo, that's the one. Fast forward!

Casey Carlson is called up to learn her - obvious - fate. No fast-forward here, though, because she's such a cutie. I wish her well.

Grace is next. Alexis, dear, lose the silly hat that hides your eyes in the shadows. She's in! Yay, she sings Aretha again, and with maybe even more conviction than the night before. How does such a small body manage to summon so much soul?

Ricky Braddy and Jackie Tohn are called up together. Both are sent home. No need to fast forward because it happens pretty fast as it is. I wouldn't rule out seeing either of them in the Wildcard Round.

Desai and Sarver come up together and Sarver gets the nod from America. They're both likable. And Sarver channels Gavin DeGraw again. Fast forward!

For halftime festivities, Season 7 finalists Carly Smithson and Michael Johns perform "The Letter." Poor Michael still sweats like a pig on stage. But he and Carly could sure teach these "Idol" newbies a thing or two about how to dress sharp. Great to see these two again!

Stephen Fowler is called up. Stephen Fowler is sent packing. Fast forward!

Brent Keith, Ann-Marie Boskovich and young Stevie Wright are not even asked to come down from their seats to get the bad news. Fast forward!

This leaves Danny Gokey and Tatiana Nicole Del Toro. They are called out together. Now, is it possible that even a single person on the planet thought there was a chance Tatiana would win the final spot over Danny?

By the way, how many pairs of designer glasses does Danny have? I liked last night's better. I'm holding out for some Elton-John style monstrosities when he makes the top three.

I was secretly hoping Danny would slug Ryan Seacrest when they went to break before telling them which one was advancing. You know he wanted to. I wanted to, and I'm not a violent person.

Then Tatiana wept when the inevitable was announced. Danny advances. Oh please, stop crying Tatiana. There's undoubtedly a reality show in the wings for you. Instead of "Biggest Loser," maybe "Most Deluded." Oh wait, she's still crying. Fast forward!

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